Regular communication with parents
VIP regularly communicates with parents, reports the latest learning progress of children with parents, and discusses childrens learning needs with parents, so as to achieve the effect of two pronged education.
After -school study report
At the end of each lesson, the VIP teacher will give the children a quiz in the exclusive software system, which will generate personalized learning reports to ensure that the children are learning effectively in each lesson. With the help of software systems and after-school learning reports, parents can also check their children's progress anytime and anywhere.
Loving and Caring Teachers
In VIP, every teacher is a professional full-time teacher, and the exclusive five-heart teacher training system of VIP guarantees the teaching quality of teachers, and strives to make the teacher team irrigation every child who comes to study with love, patience, attentiveness, carefulness and heart, so that the children can make progress in learning skills.
VIP AnimationTeaching Method
Today's kids are faced with increasingly difficult academic challenges, and their interest in learning is becoming less and less. VIP exclusively created the animation teaching method, the use of colorful cartoons and interesting stories, to attract children, enhance children's interest in learning, so that learning is no longer a chore, but fun and fun.
VIP Memory Method
Children in Malaysia need to face quite cumbersome courses, but also need to have a certain degree of proficiency in trilingual training, so VIP used the left and right brain skills, to develop the VIP memory method, so that children can learn a unit in 5 minutes, including the VIP music memory method/the VIP image memory method/the VIP story memory method, Let the children learn also can remember, remember to take the exam, in order to get better academic performance.
Exam Question Revision
VIP focus research questions for 14 years, and discovered the progress the children depend on the teaching, learning, practice, test, evaluation of five links, links in practice should be mass examination questions repeated practice, in order to achieve the study effect, every year the VIP information research and development team states across the country will be a net examination question, school examination questions, and classified into the focus of the data, Let the students grasp the key points of the course as soon as they do the problems.
Professional Placement System
After years of teaching and research, we found that the desire to promote students' academic achievement, according to their aptitude, so the VIP every subject in the class, grade placement system, before each student enrollment, our education consultant team will let the students do first admission tests, the test results and teacher team evaluation, students are assigned to suitable for class again. The first type of class is the super-elite class, which focuses on extra-curricular and extra knowledge to improve students' learning levels. The second category is elite class, extracurricular knowledge, and in-class knowledge equal importance. The third category is excellent classes, which focus on in-class knowledge, and the fourth category is intensive classes, which improve students' knowledge base.
Coaching and communicating with students
At VIP, we do not only teach but also educate people! We believe that in addition to academic mastery, it is more important for students to grow in character. The talent needed in today's society is not only academic, but also in character. The VIP teachers, who have been trained and caring, also take extra time to do one-on-one tutoring and communication with the children to help them solve problems in study or life. Different from this, every year we will hold the middle school "youth growth camp", the primary school "primary school growth camp", in our growth camp, teach the children to set learning goals, filial piety, gratitude to teachers, to contribute to the society.
Homework Guidance Class
Students have a variety of homework, VIP especially has homework guidance classes, and adopts the dual-teacher class system, to help students to solve the problem of homework, but also to help busy parents to solve their children's homework problems, so that children can return home, can have more time with their parents.
Transport service
In a world where parents are busy at work, VIP has developed a one-stop service. We provide full-time drivers to pick up and drop off children from school or home so that children can safely come to the tutoring center and return home.